Tuesday, September 15, 2009

going, going, gone

The letter sat before him, unopened, propped against a coffee mug.
He pondered the letter.  It wasn't as if  he didn't know what was in it, because he did.  He knew exactly what it said.  He didn't know the exact words but he knew what it said.  She was gone, out of his life forever.  He couldn't understand why.  

He thought he was a good husband.  He worked hard, he brought home good money.  She had it all.  She had a nice home, nice car, they belonged to a Country Club and he provided it all.  He was the one that created the business.  He was the one that worked eighty to ninety hours a week.
He had worked day and night to get them where they were.  He loved her and had been faithful. As he stared at the letter he was confused.  

What had gone wrong?

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