Monday, December 14, 2009


I get warm when I touch your skin.
my breathing deepens as I touch the warmth of your neck.
my mind wanders when I touch your back.
my body trembles in excitement
 as I touch the curve of your breasts.
my hands fumble as they open the curtain of your being
the touch  of your love keeps me warm
I will never leave you
I wish to touch you forever


Larry said...

very nice poem you yourself ha an romantic vain in your body as you said of me glad I stropped by to read this I enjoyed it very much so I'll have to bookmark this page so I can read you more often. Thanks for stopping by This Blog Of Mine.

check this entry I think you'll like it.
Fish On

cyclopseven said...

Intensely passionate.

Jessie said...

warm and loving. nicely done.

gs batty said...

Larry..thanks for the comment. I drop in often at your site

cyclopse -thanks for the visit
passionate - wow, I'll send this to my wife.

Jessie..thanks warm and loving is a nice comment.