Sunday, March 21, 2010 dogs smarter than you

I understand that liberals are more intelligent than conservatives.

At least that is what some liberals are touting. (Thom Hartmann, KTLK, 1150 L.A.)

His claim is that the latest study show lib's I.Q average 105 vs. conserv's I.Q. average 95 or some such drivel..

Word from the underground is that our new ruling party is going follow the path of Nazi Germany and create a new race of  Super Liberals.

Conservatives will not be allowed to procreate.

Those that want to help father the new Race of "ugly Americans" can apply on line at
"we are smarter than".

Have your I.Q. credentials ready.

Writer's observation.....those that think they are smarter than you always want to tell you how to live and what you can and cannot do.  I prefer the dumb ass that lets me choose those things by myself.

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