Thursday, May 20, 2010

the mind taker

I sold my mind to the soul of nothingness. To be nothing was my choice. I chose to be nothing. I chose that path for my life. It was a place for my mind to wallow in a sty of eternal regression. It is a place of sloth, a place to recline in the glory of mindless achievements.

I walked into the pawn shop of eternal hell and laid my mind on the counter. “How much can I get for this,” I asked? “Not a hell of a lot”, the mind taker grunted. “It’s not worth a tinker’s dam” and he almost laughed himself into convulsions.

“This mind is almost useless, passé. You have let all that is worth redemption die. It is a mind of waste. I can only give you the curse of an eternal two lane highway to nowhere. You will forever travel the same path. You will be removed from the beauty of truth.

You will not need to make room for a growing mind. You will be forever in a rut of silage. You will be plowed under only to return over and over like a blade of grass. Your mind will be my mind.

“What will you do with it”, I asked? “Nothing,” he replied, because that is what I am.” I will put it on the shelf of “forever lost”. “Can I ever redeem it”, I asked? “A lost mind is always redeemable for the right price”, he smiled'

Cool, I said. Let’s do it.

The bargain was made and my mind was left behind and I did not care. I was happy because I had learned all I needed to know. I did not need my mind anymore. It had served its purpose and was useless to me. I was smug and smiled at the stupidity of the “mind taker”. I had made the better deal. I did not have to worry about wasting my time expanding a tool that was no longer necessary. He had my useless mind sitting on the shelf of….what? Where did he say he would put it?

My heart danced and my feet skipped down the street as I gloried in my success. I had duped a fool. Only my mind, sitting on the shelf of “forever lost” and the “mind taker”, knew that the fool was me.

“Redeem it...Redeem my mind...Why?” I lectured in the halls of nowhere to the mindless souls that would listen. I did not need it anymore. I was happy the way I was. I was successful. I had a path to walk and a road to follow. I only needed to stay where I belonged. But my path, my road was a destiny of forever denial. It was a destiny I could not betray. I had sold the tool of escape. I had sold the only tool I had to learn and grow. I had sold me. I was happy wallowing in my sty of eternal regression.

My mind was slowly dying on the shelf of “forever lost”. The “mind taker” haunted my dreams. But a dream was only a dream. I was happy. I continued backward. My mind continued to slowly die.

My body continued to walk the road of nowhere. Was there ever to be redemption? What was down that lost road? Would I ever find a way to redeem me? Would the “mind taker” still be open or would he be closed for eternity and have taken my mind with him. I did not asked nor look. I did not need to know because `I was still happy wallowing in my sty of intellectual filth.

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