Sunday, May 23, 2010

three questions

In my last journaling class for the semester, my instructor, Amy Lusky-Barth, asked us to respond to three simple questions for our 20 minute write.

  She heard the questions at a 2010 Graduation speech delivered by Steven B. Sample, President of USC.

Amy describes his speech in her blog "Purple Sage Post".

"His speech was short. His words were simple. His message profound. His lesson lasting. He asked three direct questions. How do you feel about money? How do you feel about children? How do you feel about God?"

OK, How do I feel?  How does a person put his inner soul, his life, his beliefs on a white sheet of paper for all to see and hear in 20 short minutes.  I wrote some drivel that I was ashamed of.  But what is worse, I was ashamed that I did not have an intellegent answer for any of the questions.

When Amy 'poked' my mind and asked it to think, I shouldn't have been surprised.  She is very good at making me "think".

How do I feel about money, children and God?

In my past there is a song about "Money, marbles and chalk" that goes something like this:  "the money won't spend, the marbles won't roll and the chalk won't write any more."

Maybe I should write a song that says, "the money's all gone, the children are gone and God doesn't listen anymore."

It's really not that bad but I certainly could have done better with my money, my children and my God.

I am in the latter part of my life.  I look back on all the mistakes I made and I wonder why?  Is it good for someone to 'poke' my mind.  Wouldn't it be better for me to read my paper, work my crossword puzzle and wait to die?  Why at this point in my life should I think?  Does it really matter how I feel about money?  Does it really matter how I feel about children?  Does it really matter how I feel about God?

The answere to all three questions is yes.

Maybe it is not impotant to the rest of the world but it is important to my family.  It is important to my children.

Yesterday I had a long conversation with my daughter, Kaci, about my philosphy of raising children compared with the way she was raising hers.  I was a good father in many ways but could have done better. She is trying to take the positives I gave her and add to them as she raises hers.

I doubt than any of us can look back a say they never made mistakes.  The secret is not dwell on the mistakes. 

I will continue to think about the three questions and discuss them with my children.
With their help maybe I can find some intelligent answers.

How do you feel about money, children and God?

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