Wednesday, June 16, 2010


when friends are called away and follow the sun across the sky
to leave their souls beyond the long horrizon
they go to see their god and leave their friends behind.
It's hard to understand the ways of death and why
an who it touches.  It is not for me to change what is
and whatever will be but I can write some words to
help me through and ease my heart and console my mind.

as this day of life passed me by
and disappeared somewhere across the sky
a friend went with it
his soul was called
to cross with the sun
leaving a hole
in my heart
and sorrow in my mind
at the end of a very sad day
my friend
passed away
May Your God be with you Charlie Bush


Connie Wolf said...

This week I attended a funeral for my friends grandson, just 23 years old. This week another friend entered a coma, the final stage in her journey with cancer, this week I read your poem for your friend Charlie. How very beautiful, how very perfect. Thanks for sharing.

gs batty said...

am glad my words wer of help. today we buried Charlie. I hope the tears in my eyes help float him along