Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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                  16 people killed in Acapulco last week end and no travel alert issued for American citizans. Beware on spring break if you are going there.  Maybe you should think about another location.

Upcoming books..

                 Sleeze bag peeping tom that was sentenced to prison this week will eventually write a book and get rich.  Do you want to be a writer?  Become a sleeze bag. Make the national news and you are in.  Those of us that are trying to do it the hard way are really, really stupid.

                 This approach works every time.

Understand a prostitute in South Africa sued her boss for firing her.  Seems she would not take on all johns and spent a lot of time with her boy friend.  I guess she sued for wrongful termination.  She would have probably been successful her in the USA but in South Africa the judge threw the suit out.  Prostitution  is not legal in South Africa.
I still say she would have won here in the USA even if it is also illegal here.

At least she could have written a book.

Last but not least. the IRS sent two agents to collect a 4 cent (that's right, four lousy pennys) debt supposidly owed by a Sacramento car wash.

Hey, they can write a book.  Scream loud guys.  You need to make the national news.

I donated a one week time share in Cabo San Lucas to an Anti Abortion Group.
They scheduled me for rewards in heaven.  Hope its not to soon.  I'm not ready yet.

Speaking on abortion, I am really pro life but not anti-abortion.  I believe God gave us freedom of choice.  If he really wanted to he could keep abortions from happening.  He doesn't because he needs some way to judge people.  I really believe that those that abort babies will be burned in hell.

Maybe they could write books while thay smolder.

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