Friday, April 02, 2010

Onions, Potatos and Mayo

Since the title of my blog is what it is, writing about onions, potatoes and mayo seems a natural.
I received an email about onions.  Supposedly it is onions and potatoes that cause food poisoning and not the mayo. 

The idea that onions could cause food poisoning caused me concern because I eat onions in and on everything.  I have onions in the ice-a-box.  They are both cut and uncut.  When I cut an onion I save what I do not eat and then use the same old onion the next time I need an onion.  Due to a hand me down tradition from my father I eat Bread and Milk and Onions.  This concoction makes my wife cringe and she refuses to stay in the same room.  She goes in the other room and eats ice cream.

Getting back to the food poisoning, I have found out that mayo is not as bad as I thought and onions and potatoes can cause food poisoning. However, if we are careful the chances of getting any kind of food poisoning is very small.  Use your head and be careful.

Also please note the following:

Cut onions around the house do not cause illness or cure illness, they just stink.

My mother-in-law can cure warts with onions and a voodoo dance.  Yes, that is absolutely true.
She cut an onion in half, rubbed both halves on my wart put the onion back together, buried it upside down in the ground and then did some kind of bugga-bugga dance.  Honest to God, as I live and breathe the dam wart went away.  She also cured one on my son and my son-in-law.  Figure that one out if you can...I can't.

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Dee Martin said...

bread and milk and onions? Is that like a sandwich and a drink or all mixed together in a bowl?? If it is the second - I agree with the wife!

Luckily, I've never experienced warts but if I ever do - I will keep your mother-in-law in mind LOL

Thanks for the nice comments on my onion poem.