Sunday, April 04, 2010

Mexicali Quake


While writing this blog, Southern California was jolted with an earth quake that lasted about 20 seconds.  Jolt is not really correct because at my location it was a rolling quake.  These quakes are not new to me but this one scared me a little because I'm having serious back problems and cannot move very fast.  If the roof falls in I'm screwed. 

Just reported the Quake was 6.9 centered in Mexicali, Mexico,  Mexicali is a Caliornia - Mexico border city near San Diego.  Mexicali is about 120 miles south of where I live.
Today the song "I'm all shook up" is more about the rolling earth and my trembling body than it is about love.

Huge Quakes in Peru and Mexico in recent days makes me wonder if California is next.

Hope not.....

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