Monday, June 28, 2010


Chandsho came into this world in the year of our blog 2010.  It was near the end of June during a rather calm and comfortable day.  Chandsho was an after thought born of the need to create.  There was absolutely no reason for Chandsho to have been created.  The creator had no idea what to do with Chandsho.  If he continued with his folly of this creation he would have to feed and nurture it.  However, he did not have the time or the ability to take proper care of his creation.  Chandsho was a one night stand.  Chandsho was a whim of an over exposed ego.  Chandsho was created because of a relationship between a dreamer and a lively young verificator. Once an entity is created can it legally be destroyed or if not completely destroyed then quietly disposed of. Certainly it would would be a bigger crime to create something and then not nourish and feed that creation.  There have been far to many "Chandshos" created and not nurtured and fed.  They silently drum the underworld of the society and scream to be heard like the "vuvuzelas" of world cup soccer but they are silent.  They were created by those that could not or would not nurture and feed them.  They are destined to never be heard.

No, I cannot continue with this creation.  I will not be the father of another blog that floats around the Internet never to be heard or read.  I am already guilty of creating to many blog children.  I am sorry Chandsho but you will have to wait for a creator with more ability than I have.  Go back to bed little Chandsho and wait to be created on another day.

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