Sunday, June 27, 2010

swapping you for me

Sunday Scribblings' prompt this week was about swapping your (or my) life for something different.  I wrote a corny poem on "Old Grizz"  based on the Prompt.  Then I read other blogger's posts and below is a smattering of my responses to their blogs.

"think of how strange the world would be if I were you and you were me."

"what you get in a trade may not be worth what you lose"

"accept who you are and try to improve yourself"

"write one more line rather than day dream about what is not"

"tie a rope around me to keep me down to earth so that I may improve who I am and not chase stars"

"to many want what others have created because they are to lazy to create for themselves"

"we are who we are and we are what we have made of ourselves
to wish to be someone else would be to admit we are weak and
do not like who we have become"

I am posting these quotes on this blog to make sure if I ever use them a gain I will not be accused of pledgerism. All posts on this blog  are copywrited.

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