Friday, March 19, 2010

????who do you know...what do you see??????

A very very short treatise on the Morals of today's Americans

In the world of anything, it matters not how you do it.  It only matters who you do it to.
For example we all know the "good old boy" connections. Protect and support those you know.  This way of life is prevelant in all walks of life.  If you want to be successful you have to get connections.  In some way you need to sell youself.  It is social prostitution. If you do not market what you have to offer then you will spend a lot of lonely days and nights wondering what the hell is wrong with you.

You can only sell your product with clever marketing.  In today's world it is all about clever marketing.  You get your clients hooked, reel them in, chop them up and put them in the freezer.  It is important to hang on until they begin to stink.  At that point, toss them in the garbage and go out and get some more.  A lot of Americans are in the garbage these days and big business and politicians are out to chop up some more.

In our "new" society, big business and politicians all smell like dead fish.  Who is it that reeled them in and what is it that they want from the suckers in the freezer? 

My guess is a great big "Company Store".  What is that line in the song?  "I owe my soul to the Company Store." 

Sorry folks, the party's over........turn out the lights....get a facebook account,  Text, tweeter and sit on your twatter.....the good times are gone and no one saw it coming....everyone was to busy tweetering and twattering.

The marketing was clever....we now have a whole nation of suckers rotting the freezer....have you ever seen real hunger...real starvation....face to face....down and dirty... in the gutter...close your eyes for a second...picture your grandchildren..  their sunken eyes and bloated stomachs are the future of America....enjoy the image.

The days of "love thy neighbor" have been traded in for "screw everyone you see and know."

"America's Chickens" really are "coming home to roost."

Is that sound I hear, "Nero Fiddling" in the distance?

The snowball is headed down hill and is gathering steam.

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